Who Are The Best Psychiatrist In Delhi For Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Depression? Must Check Here

It is not appropriate for me to recommend specific doctors or medical professionals. It is important to find a mental health professional who is a good fit for you and your specific needs. There are a few steps you can take to find a good psychiatrist in Delhi:

  • Get recommendations: Ask your primary care doctor, friends, or family members if they can recommend a good psychiatrist in Delhi.
  • Research online: Look up psychiatrists in your area on websites like Healthgrades or Google. Look for doctors who have good ratings and reviews.
  • Consider the psychiatrist’s credentials: Make sure the psychiatrist is licensed to practice in Delhi and has the necessary training and experience to treat your condition.
  • Look for a psychiatrist who is a good fit for you: It’s important to find a psychiatrist who you feel comfortable with and who you can trust. Consider factors like the psychiatrist’s bedside manner, availability, and location.

Schedule a consultation: Once you’ve found a few psychiatrists who seem like a good fit, schedule a consultation to meet with them and discuss your condition in more detail. This will give you a chance to ask questions and get to know the psychiatrist before making a decision.

Dr Paramjeet Singh, Psychiatrist

Address: 7A/67, West Extension Area Karol Bagh, New Delhi, New, Delhi, 110005.
Webste: https://www.drparamjeetsingh.com/
Contact: 07838387944
Google Map Location

Dr Anil Yadav MD (AIIMS), NeuroPsychiatrist

Address: K Block, K 50, Near Ever Green Sweet Shop, Main Market, Green Park, Delhi, 110016
Website: https://dranilyadav.com/
Contact: 08375003702
Google Map Location

Dr Prashant Goyal, Psychiatrist

Address: GG-1/193A, Behind PVR Complex Opp. Hdfc Bank, Vikaspuri, Delhi, 110018
Website: http://www.drprashantgoyal.com/
Contact: 09971756735
Google Map Location

Dr. Manish Sarkar, Psychiatrist

Address: D 653 D Block , chitranjan park Basement, New Delhi, Delhi 110019
Website: http://drmanishsarkar.com/about-us/
Contact: 09717755296
Google Map Location

Dr Rajesh Kumar, Psychiatrist

Address: Metro Pillar Number 112, Railway Reservation Centre, 66, Vikas Marg, Hargobind Enclave, Karkardooma, Anand Vihar, Karkardooma, Delhi 110092
Website: https://udgammentalhealthcare.com/team/dr-rajesh-kumar
Contact: 01140527617
Google Map Location

How To Find The Best Psychiatrist in Delhi?

Finding the best psychiatrist in Delhi can be a daunting task, but it is essential if you or a loved one is struggling with mental health issues. The right psychiatrist can provide effective treatment and help you or your loved one manage and overcome mental health challenges. In this article, we will discuss how to find the best psychiatrist in Delhi.

Ask for Referrals:

One of the easiest ways to find a psychiatrist in Delhi is to ask for referrals from friends, family, or other healthcare providers. They may have a list of psychiatrists in Delhi that they can recommend based on their experience.

Check Credentials:

Once you have a list of potential psychiatrists, check their credentials to ensure that they are qualified to provide medical care. The psychiatrist should have a medical degree from a recognized institution and a specialization in psychiatry. You can also check their certification from the Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS).

Check Experience:

The experience of a psychiatrist is another important factor to consider. Look for a psychiatrist who has years of experience in treating mental health conditions similar to yours or your loved one’s. This will ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to provide effective treatment.

Read Reviews:

Read online reviews and ratings of the psychiatrists you are considering. This will give you an idea of the experiences of other patients who have visited the clinic. However, keep in mind that some reviews may be biased or fake, so use your judgment when reading them.

Check Availability:

Check the availability of the psychiatrist and the clinic. Make sure they have a convenient location and office hours that work for you or your loved one. Also, check if they accept walk-ins or if you need to schedule an appointment in advance.

Consider Insurance:

If you have health insurance, check if the psychiatrist is in your network. This will help you save money on the cost of treatment. If the psychiatrist is not in your network, you may have to pay out of pocket or choose a different provider.

Check Facilities:

Check the facilities and equipment at the clinic. A good psychiatrist should have up-to-date equipment and facilities to provide effective treatment. Also, check if the clinic is clean and well-maintained.

Ask about Fees:

Before scheduling an appointment, ask about the fees and the cost of treatment. Make sure you understand the cost of any tests or procedures that may be required. Some psychiatrists may offer a free initial consultation, so take advantage of this to get an idea of the cost of treatment.

Check Treatment Options:

Check the treatment options offered by the psychiatrist. A good psychiatrist should offer a range of treatments for various mental health conditions. They should also be able to customize the treatment to your individual needs.

Schedule a Consultation:

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential psychiatrists, schedule a consultation with them. This will give you the opportunity to meet them in person, discuss your concerns, and ask any questions you may have. This will also give you an idea of their communication skills and bedside manner.


Finding the best psychiatrist in Delhi can be challenging, but by following these tips, you can find a qualified and experienced psychiatrist who can help you or your loved one manage and overcome mental health challenges. Remember to check credentials, experience, availability, insurance, fees, and treatment options before choosing a psychiatrist. Also, schedule a consultation to meet them in person and discuss your concerns. With the right psychiatrist, you can get the help you need to achieve better mental health.

How To Book an Appointment With The Best Psychiatrist in Delhi?

Here are a few steps you can follow to book an appointment with a psychiatrist in Delhi:

  • Find a psychiatrist: Use the steps I mentioned in my previous message to find a psychiatrist who is a good fit for you.
  • Contact the psychiatrist’s office: Once you’ve found a psychiatrist you’d like to see, you’ll need to contact their office to schedule an appointment. You can usually find the office’s contact information on the psychiatrist’s website or by calling their office directly.
  • Schedule an appointment: When you call the office to schedule an appointment, be prepared to provide some basic information about yourself and your condition. The office staff will likely ask you for your name, contact information, and insurance information. They may also ask you to provide a reason for your visit or to describe your symptoms.
  • Prepare for your appointment: Before your appointment, it can be helpful to make a list of your symptoms, any medications you are currently taking, and any questions you have for the psychiatrist. This can help you make the most of your appointment time.

Keep your appointment: It is important to keep your scheduled appointment with the psychiatrist. If you are unable to make it, be sure to call the office as soon as possible to reschedule.


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