Karma Ayurveda Website | Who Owns Kama Ayurvedic? Do You Know?

What Is Karma Ayurveda Website?

Karma Ayurveda website is an Indian Ayurvedic online shopping platform, and it was established around 2002. They not only sell Ayurvedic products but also they are having Ayurvedic hospital also, and are famous for the treatment Ayurvedic Kidney treatment.

Karma Ayurveda

They launched this platform with the joint venture 75 year old Arya vaidya pharmacy (Coimbatore), Tamilnadu. They
are having a wide range of quality ayurvedic products like skin care, Hair care, Bath & Body, and gift items for
both men and women.

Also, the Karma Ayurveda website provides free online hair & beauty consultation services for its consumers.

Who manufactures for Kama Ayurveda?
Arya vaidya pharmacy (Coimbatore), Tamilnadu is a 75 year old Ayurvedic company that manufactures products for The Karma Ayurveda.

Who Owns Kama Ayurvedic?

Vivek Sahni is the owner and CEO of the Karma Ayurveda company.

Is Kama Ayurveda Purely Organic?

Yes, Kama Ayurveda is making products that maintain the natural forms of the ingredients. For this reason, they are getting increasing demands in the international market too.

Does Kama Ayurveda Deliver Internationally?

Yes, Kama Ayurveda is not only working in India, they are doing marketing in the international markets too. So, they deliver to other countries too.

Which Ayurvedic Brand Is Best For Skin?

There are many ayurvedic skin care manufacturers are there in the country. The number of Ayurvedic manufacturers is increasing as most of the people are health-conscious, and they prefer the Ayurvedic method.

Is Kama Ayurveda Available In The UK?

Yes, Kama Ayurveda is available internationally as well as in the UK also.

How Do You Use Kama Products?

If you want to use the Kama Ayurveda products then you can get them from their online store along with their free consultation. During the consultation, you can get guidance about the method of using the products that meet your needs.

The instructions to use Kama Kit is provided on the products itself. So, you can use as per the instructions on pack or as per the directions given during online consultation. Also, you can check the method mentioned below:

Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil:
Firmly massage into hair ensuring that the entire scalp is covered. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Cleanse post-treatment with a mild shampoo and warm water.

Bringadi Hair Cleanser: Apply a small quantity on wet hair and scalp. Massage for a couple of minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

Pure Rose Water: Spray onto the face and body for a refreshing effect. Reapply as desired.

Rose And Jasmine Face Cleanser: Use appropriate amount on damp skin. Lightly massage on face & neck. Rinse off & pat dry.

How Long Does Kama Ayurveda Hair Color Last?

The Kama Hair Color lasts at least 15 days. As per the expert, you should use the natural color minimum of 5-6 weeks after using any type of chemical color. Before using any hair color, it may be natural or synthetic, you must consult your hair consultant.

How Do You Use Kama Indigo Color?

Use the Kama Indigo color powder after the use of henna powder, So that you can have a darker shade on your hair. Before rinsing your hair must leave it to absorb the color 1-2 hours. The longer time you wait, the darker shade you will get.

Is Karma Ayurveda Henna Good For Hair?

Definitely, it is very good for hair, because they maintain the natural quality.


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