Zynova Shalby Hospital Mumbai, Must Check The Facts Before Taking Decisions

Zynova Shalby Hospital Reinforcing its commitment to provide world-class services and personalized care at an affordable cost, Zynova Hospital has joined one of India’s leading corporate hospital chains Shalby General Hospitals to lead the operation and management of the hospital. Zinova Shalby Hospital is a very popular hospital in Ghatkopar West, Mumbai.

Zynova Shalby Hospital Mumbai is a multi-specialty hospital located in the western suburbs of Mumbai, India. It is a joint venture between Shalby Hospitals, one of the leading healthcare providers in India, and Zynova Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company based in the United States.

The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and technology and has a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. It offers a wide range of medical services and treatments, including cardiology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, urology, pulmonology, and more.

Some of the key features of Zynova Shalby Hospital Mumbai include 24×7 emergency services, fully-equipped intensive care units (ICUs), advanced diagnostic and imaging facilities, a well-stocked pharmacy, and a comfortable and hygienic environment for patients and their families.

If you are looking to seek medical assistance or treatment at Zynova Shalby Hospital Mumbai, you can visit their website (www.zynovashalby.com) or contact them at their contact number: +91 22 6255 5151.

Zynova Shalby Hospital Mumbai also provides personalized and comprehensive healthcare services to patients, which include pre-operative and post-operative care, health check-ups, and counseling services. The hospital has a patient-centric approach and strives to provide the highest quality of medical care and attention to each patient.

Additionally, Zynova Shalby Hospital Mumbai has a team of dedicated and experienced support staff who assist patients with their medical needs and provide a comfortable and welcoming environment. The hospital also offers a range of amenities for patients and their families, such as free Wi-Fi, comfortable waiting areas, and a cafeteria.

Zynova Shalby Hospital Mumbai is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) and has received several awards and recognitions for its quality healthcare services. The hospital is committed to providing affordable and accessible healthcare to patients and is known for its ethical and transparent practices.

Overall, Zynova Shalby Hospital Mumbai is a trusted and reliable healthcare provider that offers advanced medical facilities and personalized care to patients.

In Mumbai, Shelby operates two orthopedic departments,

  • An OPD at Marine Drive and
  • A multi-speciality hospital at Ghatkopar’s Zanova Shelby Hospital is also expanding.

The Pareja Trust, which ran the hospital before the closure, clarified that it is not a lease but an agreement to share operating revenue.

Zynova Shalby Hospital

Shalby Hospital (Shalby Limited), established by Dr. Vikram I. Shah in 1994 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, operates a network of multidisciplinary hospitals across India with a total capacity of over 2000 hospital beds.

Zynova Shalby Operational Hospitals Branches:

Shalby Vapi,

Shalby Surat,

Shalby Jabalpur,

Shalby Indore,

Shalby Mohali,

Shalby Jaipur and

Zinova Shalby.

Under the leadership of Dr Vikram Shah, an orthopedic surgeon with more than 25 years of professional experience, the hospital has grown from a single hospital to a network of multidisciplinary hospitals.

Zynova Shalby Hospital

Shalby has been the operating and managing partner of Zanova Hospitals for over 30 years.

Shelby’s founder Vikram Shah – Dr. CMD foretold Shelby’s recognition as a multidisciplinary tertiary hospital network in the Indian healthcare sector and was honoured by Ethicon India for developing the OS Needle.

In addition, Shelby has 40 outpatient clinics and 7 Shelby Arthroplasty Centers of Excellence (SACE) in 35 cities in India.

Shalby Limited is a multidisciplinary network of hospitals headquartered in Ahmedabad with locations across India.

Railway Station, Bhattavadi, Kapol Wadi, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400086 Zinova Shalby Hospital

When Shalby Hospital Founded?

Shalby, founded in 1994 by Shah, an orthopedic surgeon, has become the market leader in joint replacement surgery in India, with a share of around 15% in private hospitals, according to Frost & Sullivan.

The recognition of Shalby as a multidisciplinary network of tertiary hospitals on the map of Indian medical tourism is based on the vision. of its founder.

Recognized by Dr. Vikram Shah, President and CEO, Ethicon India for his involvement in the development of OS Sui.

Shelby is one of India’s leading multidisciplinary hospital networks. In 2007, the company started setting up and operating its first general hospital, SG Shalby, on the Sarhei Gandhinagar Expressway in Ahmedabad. The company was originally incorporated on 30 August 2004 as Shalby Hospital Pvt Ltd as a Limited Liability Company under the Companies Act 1956 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

The ownership will remain the same, but it will be managed by Shalby Limited. The company opened the new Krishna Shalby Hospital in Ahmedabad in October 2012. As part of the MoU, Shalby will initially send specialists to the orthopaedic specialities of San Sok Hospital, which can be expanded to other specialities by mutual consent. Then.

The inaugural function was hosted by Plastic Surgeon Dr Amit Balothia, Surgeon Hemant Patel, Urvi Maheshwari, Psychiatrist Dr Sayali Mahadik, Nutritionist Sumi Mukherjee and Head of Hospital Affairs Shalbi Ashish Sharma.

In the reporting year, the company entered into an operation and maintenance agreement with Kamesh Hospital to commence operations at Shalby Mohali. The company opened the new Shelby Jabalpur Hospital in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh in March 2015.

The hospital-based in Ahmedabad was established in 1994 as a small, specialized six-bed unit offering Total Knee Replacement Surgery (TKR).

In general, I am satisfied with the treatment given as well as the hospitality. “Asha Parekh Hospital is one of the oldest medical institutions in Santa Cruz. In 2011, it acquired a 55% stake in Vrindavan Hospital in Goa, which had 120 beds in two departments.

For the first time, it was recognized as the best orthopedic hospital in history. ,

When you increase the radius to 5 km or 10 km, you will get 66 and 66 hospitals respectively. The company’s market capitalization as of January 14 is Rs 1,570 crore.

In such a situation, we are angry that from where do we get all the money for our budget and according to our need, or from whom can we get information about all this.

Shalby’s transformation into a multidisciplinary hospital network in nearly 24 years speaks volumes about our credibility and commitment to healthcare excellence. Today the success of the hospital has turned it into a 26-year-old obsession. He really took care of my wife when she gave birth to our first child.

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