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Woodlands Hospital boasts a legacy as ancient as the Indian subcontinent itself. Since its inception, Woodlands Hospital has harbored aspirations of ascending to the pinnacle of healthcare provision in independent India, consistently delivering world-class medical services bolstered by cutting-edge technology.

Commencing its journey in 1947 as a tertiary care establishment, the hospital has since undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, evolving into a multifaceted healthcare institution. Over the decades, our unwavering commitment to global standards of healthcare has solidified our status as the preferred medical sanctuary, not only for denizens of Kolkata and the eastern frontiers but also for our neighbors across national boundaries.

Throughout their seven-decade odyssey, we have profoundly impacted countless lives, thereby breathing life into the very dreams we held dear. Woodlands stands as an integral component of the extensive and diversified corporate conglomerate known as the RP-SG group.

In the early 1940s, British enterprises recognized the pressing need for high-quality healthcare services for their employees and their families. Consequently, they inaugurated an enterprise named “East India Clinic Ltd” on the 23rd of October in 1946. This marked the genesis of East India Clinic’s journey into the realm of healthcare.

The inception of East India Clinic in 1947 saw the establishment of two nursing homes in Elgin Road, signifying the commencement of their healthcare endeavors. A significant milestone in their history occurred in 1958 with the commencement of the construction of Woodlands Nursing Home, a facility that was officially inaugurated on the 8th of January in 1961. The inauguration was graced by none other than the venerable Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who served as the Chief Minister at that time and whose birthday is celebrated nationwide as Doctor’s Day.

As time progressed, East India Clinic Ltd transitioned to Woodlands Nursing Home, a name inspired by the palace-like aura of the facility. This transformation led to the discontinuation of Elgin Road’s setup and the closure of the pharmacy in Russel Street, which was no longer deemed necessary with the advent of Woodlands Nursing Home.

The evolution did not stop there; in 1994, East India Clinic Limited underwent a name change, becoming Woodlands Hospital and Medical Research Centre Limited. Subsequently, in 2004, it transitioned further to Woodlands Medical Centre Limited. The pinnacle of transformation arrived in 2009 when Woodlands Medical Centre Limited metamorphosed into the illustrious Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital Limited, solidifying its reputation as a healthcare institution of great repute.

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