Which Fish Is Good For Health In India?

Elevate Your Health with These 11 Nutrient-Rich Fishes in India

India’s rich coastal waters offer a treasure trove of health-enhancing fishes, each brimming with unique nutritional benefits. From boosting heart health to supporting brain function, these fishes have earned their rightful place on your plate. In this article, we unveil the top 11 fishes that are exceptionally good for health in India, providing you with a comprehensive guide to incorporating them into your diet.

1. Salmon

Salmon reigns supreme as a nutritional powerhouse. Bursting with omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHA, salmon supports heart health, reduces inflammation, and aids in brain development. Its protein content aids in muscle growth and repair, making it a favorite among health enthusiasts.

2. Mackerel

Mackerel, a flavorful delight, boasts omega-3 fatty acids that promote cardiovascular well-being. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin B12, crucial for nerve function, and selenium, an antioxidant that defends against oxidative stress.

3. Sardines

Don’t underestimate the small size of sardines – they pack a punch of nutrition. Rich in omega-3s, calcium, and vitamin D, sardines contribute to bone health and heart protection. Their CoQ10 content adds an extra layer of heart support.

4. Tuna

Tuna’s lean protein content makes it a muscle-friendly option. Its amino acids foster muscle recovery, while its selenium and vitamin B6 content contribute to overall vitality. Tuna also supports brain function, aiding cognitive health.

5. Rohu

A staple in Indian cuisine, rohu stands out for its protein content and low saturated fat levels. With vitamins like C and B6, and essential minerals, rohu promotes muscle growth, aids digestion, and nurtures skin health.

6. Hilsa

Hilsa, a seasonal delight, is revered for its rich omega-3 content. It’s a boon for heart and brain health, making it a must-have when in season. Its unique flavor and nutritional profile make it a sought-after delicacy.

7. Pomfret

Pomfret’s mild taste and delicate texture make it a versatile choice. Packed with protein and essential minerals like potassium and magnesium, it supports muscle function, electrolyte balance, and overall wellness.

8. Catla

Low in fat and high in protein, catla is a nutritious choice. Its vitamin B12 content supports energy metabolism, and its amino acids contribute to muscle health. Catla’s consumption aids heart health and maintains nerve cells.

9. Anjal (Kingfish)

Anjal, known as kingfish, is prized for its omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains vitamin A and iron, benefiting immunity, vision, and oxygen transport. Its distinctive taste adds a flavorful touch to your diet.

10. Bangda (Mackerel)

Bangda, a variety of mackerel, offers omega-3s and vitamin D, bolstering heart health and bone strength. Its rich taste makes it a popular choice in Indian kitchens, contributing both flavor and nutrition.

11. Surmai (Seer Fish)

Surmai, or seer fish, is renowned for its omega-3s, selenium, and vitamin B12. These components collectively support heart, immune, and nerve health. Surmai’s succulent meat is a culinary delight that’s also beneficial for your well-being.

Dive into the world of health-enhancing fishes that India’s waters have to offer. From the succulent flesh of salmon to the flavorful delights of hilsa and surmai, each fish brings a unique set of nutrients to the table. By incorporating these 11 fishes into your diet, you’re making a conscious choice to support your heart, brain, muscles, and overall vitality. So, explore the culinary possibilities and let these fishes become an integral part of your journey towards a healthier you.

Top 10 Tasty Fish In India

Diving into the tapestry of Indian cuisine, we uncover an enticing array of fish dishes that grace tables across the nation. With vast rivers, serene lakes, and an extensive coastline, India is a treasure trove of fish species, each offering a symphony of flavors and textures. This comprehensive guide takes you on a journey through the top 10 delectable fish in India, each showcasing its distinct culinary charm.

1. Pomfret: A Taste of Elegance


Pomfret, often hailed as the “Silver Beauty,” boasts a delicate flavor that effortlessly absorbs the essence of various spices. Emerging from coastal waters, its unique appearance and captivating taste set it apart. Whether enjoyed in a fragrant curry or marinated and grilled, pomfret leaves an unforgettable impression on the palate.

2. Hilsa: Majestic Flavors from the Rivers


In the eastern heartlands of India, the Hilsa claims its throne. Recognized for its rich, oily flesh, this fish is a cornerstone of Bengali cuisine. Its flavor is epitomized in the iconic “Hilsa Shorshe,” where the fish dances in a mustard-based sauce. The hilsa’s distinct blend of tastes encapsulates Bengal’s culinary heritage.

3. Rohu: The Comfort Food Classic

The Rohu, a staple in Indian households, graces the nation’s rivers and lakes. With a slightly sweet taste and tender meat, it’s a favored choice for diverse preparations. From the north’s fiery gravies to the south’s tangy concoctions, rohu adapts seamlessly to regional palates.

4. Bombay Duck: Quirkiness Meets Crunchiness

Behind its curious name, Bombay Duck hides a delightful secret. Found along the western coast, this fish is revered for its unique aroma and crisp texture. Deep-fried and seasoned with spices, the Bombay duck offers a tantalizing snack that awakens the senses.

5. Anchovy: Small Yet Mighty in Flavor

Anchovies, though petite, pack a robust punch of flavor. Often dried or pickled, these small wonders infuse an umami burst into Indian dishes. Enhancing curries’ depth and elevating rice dishes’ taste, anchovies play a pivotal role in crafting nuanced flavors.

6. Pompano: The Embodiment of Refinement

Pompano, with its velvety white flesh, serves as a canvas for culinary artistry. Its delicate taste shines through in grilling or baking, allowing natural flavors to take center stage. A fixture in upscale dining establishments, pompano showcases the epitome of gastronomic finesse.

7. Salmon: Fusion of Global Gastronomy

While not native to India, Salmon has enamored culinary enthusiasts across the nation. With a buttery texture and distinct flavor, it seamlessly melds Indian and international elements. From exquisite sushi to indulgent curries, salmon’s versatility introduces a contemporary twist to traditional Indian fare.

8. Bangda: A Fiery Coastal Delight

Bangda, known as mackerel, epitomizes coastal feasting. Its robust flavor and hearty meat make it an ideal candidate for grilling and frying. Infused with tangy spices, bangda’s fiery taste adds an invigorating dimension to seafood feasts.

9. Surmai: A Regal Epicurean Experience

Surmai, or seer fish, embodies luxury. Its substantial texture and opulent flavor secure it a special place in Indian cuisine. From aromatic curries that dance with spices to simple grills that celebrate pure flavor, surmai’s presence is truly majestic.

10. Tilapia: A Modern Twist on Tradition

Tilapia, a recent introduction, has made waves with its mild taste and affordability. Its neutral canvas welcomes an array of flavors, making it an excellent choice for culinary experimentation. Whether infused with Indian spices or interpreted through global fusion, tilapia offers a fresh perspective on the table.

Best Fish To Eat In India Without Bones

If you prefer fish without bones, there are several boneless fish options available in India that you can enjoy. Some popular boneless fish varieties include:


Basa fish is a freshwater fish that is widely available in boneless fillets. It has a mild flavor and is easy to cook.


Tilapia is another boneless fish that is commonly found in Indian markets. It has a delicate taste and a firm texture.

Surmai (Kingfish):

Surmai is a popular saltwater fish in India, and you can find boneless fillets easily in the market.

Prawns (Shrimp):

While not technically fish, prawns are a popular seafood choice in India and are often available in a boneless form.

Bombay Duck (Bombil):

A small fish commonly found in Maharashtra, it is sometimes available in boneless form, making it easier to consume.

Catfish (Singhara):

Catfish is available boneless and is a healthy option for those looking for fish without bones.

Seer Fish (Neymeen):

Seer fish is another name for Surmai, and like its counterpart, it is often available in boneless fillets.

When preparing boneless fish, you can use various cooking methods like pan-frying, grilling, baking, or steaming. These methods will help you enjoy the delicious taste and health benefits of fish without the inconvenience of dealing with bones. Remember to source your fish from reputable suppliers to ensure freshness and quality.


In a country where culinary diversity is a way of life, the top 10 delicious fish varieties in India stand as a testament to the myriad flavors adorning our plates. From coastal shores to serene riverbanks, each fish variety narrates a distinct tale of taste and tradition. By indulging in these aquatic delights, we not only gratify our palates but also honor the rich tapestry of Indian culinary heritage.


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