Which Doctor to Consult For Leg Swelling

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Which Doctor To Consult For Leg Swelling

If you are thinking about which doctor to consult for leg swelling? Then The first thing to consider when dealing with leg swelling is the cause of it. If it is caused by something other than an injury, a vascular medicine specialist is the best option.

Best Doctor To Consult For Leg Swelling

This doctor is trained in treating patients with swollen legs, and he or she will use detective work to determine what is causing it.


Best Doctor To Consult For Leg Swelling

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What Are The Probable Causes of Leg Swelling?

Common causes of leg swelling include degenerative diseases and some forms of arthritis. Although some cases of leg swelling are temporary and can be treated at home, others can be dangerous and need immediate medical attention.

If your leg swelling is not temporary, you may need an office visit.

However, if the swelling is affecting your life, you should go to the ER right away. Your physician will likely run a simple ultrasound of your heart and legs to diagnose the underlying problem.

He or she will likely prescribe compression stockings to help keep your blood flowing freely and prevent blood clots.

If the cause is chronic, your doctor may decide to perform additional tests to determine if you have any other health problems.

Which Doctor to Consult For Leg Swelling

A vascular disease such as pulmonary hypertension can also cause leg swelling. A vascular disease may be the underlying cause of your condition.

In vascular disease, diuretics are the most common treatment for leg swelling. They are usually prescribed for patients with pulmonary hypertension.

If the swollen leg has no cause, it should be treated with vascular surgery. Moreover, a venous disorder such as a ruptured aneurysm will require an artery to be plugged and a venous thrombosis will result.

If your leg swelling is caused by a vascular problem, your primary care physician should be consulted. This condition is caused by inflammation of the tissues. This condition can be the cause of a leg swollen condition.

If your veins are swollen due to vascular disease, your primary care physician will likely perform an ultrasound to determine the cause. In addition, your physician can prescribe compression stockings that can help prevent blood clots.

In vascular disease, your doctor will perform a physical examination and perform diagnostic tests. A blood test will measure electrolytes in the blood and kidney and liver functions.

An ultrasound will also measure the arteries and veins in the legs. Once a diagnosis is made, a physician will prescribe the appropriate medication and treat the condition. If it is a venous artery or vein disease, a vascular surgeon will prescribe compression stockings for the patient.


What Is The Treatment For Swollen Legs?

If your leg swelling is affecting your quality of life, it is important to visit your primary care physician. A doctor will be able to examine your legs to determine the cause of the swelling.

The symptoms of swollen legs will vary from patient to patient, so you should discuss the symptoms with your primary care provider to find the most appropriate treatment. It is important to remember that a vascular surgeon should be consulted if you’re experiencing chest pain or shortness of breath.


Should I Go To The Doctor If My Legs Are Swollen?

If your leg swelling is caused by a condition that is not a result of an injury, it is best to see a physician. A diuretic may help to reduce fluid in the legs, but if the swelling isn’t related to an injury, then your doctor will need to prescribe some sort of medicine. A diuretic can be helpful for mild cases of leg swelling, while compression stockings can be useful if the swelling is due to a serious illness.

Your primary care physician will likely perform an ultrasound to see your heart and veins. If the swollen leg is a symptom of pulmonary hypertension, he or she will prescribe compression stockings to reduce pain. It is important to keep your pulse and keep your heart healthy when it comes to the causes of the condition.

Treatments for leg swelling will vary, but they are typically the same in many cases. A primary care physician will be the first to diagnose if you have vascular disease, or if the swollen leg is caused by an infection. If the swelling is severe enough to cause a medical emergency, the best option will be to see a vascular surgeon. The surgeon will be able to give you the best treatment.

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