Which Doctor To Consult For Balanitis

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Balanitis is an inflammation of the hair follicles commonly caused by poor hygiene. It’s most common in young boys and men. The word ‘balanitis’ comes from the Greek word ‘βάλανον,’ which means ‘hair.’ The condition can be painful and leads to permanent hair loss if left untreated. However, medical treatment is available for balanitis and is very effective.


If you are facing a problem with balanitis then you can consult with a dermatologist who is well experienced in treating the balanitis. Also, you can consult with any online doctor consultation platform, as there are many online doctor consultation platforms are avail nowadays.

Dermatologists are the best choice to get relief from balanitis. After consultation with any dermatologist, you must follow their instructions for a better result.



Urologists also can treat balanitis, as this disease can lead to urinary tract infection, and other problems. To avoid complications must be consulted with a urologist.


Types of Balanitis

The condition’s name comes from the Greek word ‘βάλανον,’ which means ‘hair.’ In Greek, the word for ‘hail’ is the same- and, indeed, hails are a sign of disease. Bacterial infections lead to pain and hair loss in people with balanitis.

There are two types of balanitis: acute and chronic. Acute infection occurs suddenly and leads to rapid pain and hair loss. In contrast, a chronic form of the condition causes less severe symptoms but leads to permanent hair loss as well, as discussed below.

Hair follicles are where hair grows from the skin. In some cases, a buildup of unhealthy bacteria in the hair follicles causes a painful condition called epilpema or folliculitis. Unlike balanitis, this condition does not lead to permanent hair loss. However, it does require treatment with antibiotics because sores caused by bacteria must be treated with antibiotics because surgical repairs are difficult. In addition, people must clean their skin well after they’ve been outside or worked in an environment that promotes unhealthy bacterial growth.

Is Balanitis Painful?

In addition to poor hygiene, exposure to colds also promotes bacterial growth in the skin. This causes painful sores that must be treated with antibiotics. In addition, people should avoid cold drinks since this promotes excessive mucus production that worsens bacterial growth. Instead, have warm drinks such as tea or coffee instead of soda pop. If you’re sick with a fever, making sure your body maintains a normal body temperature can help your body fight off infections and heal wounds more effectively.

Balanitis can be painful and lead to permanent hair loss if not treated early on. People can reduce their risk of infection by following good hygiene practices- including proper foot care- and avoiding cold environments or drinks with added ice cubes.

Which type of doctor is best for Balanitis?

If you are suffering from Balanitis and thinking about which doctor to consult, then as per experience and research, you can consult with a Dermatologist or Urologist in your area. It is a disease of the skin, so any dermatologist having experience in treating balanitis should be consulted.

Does a urologist treat balanitis?

Yes, a Urologist also treats balanitis and helps to recover from the painful disease.

Do you need to see a doctor for balanitis?

Yes, if you are suffering from balanitis, you must consult with a speciality doctor to treat your illness. Also, keep in mind self-medication is always dangerous, so must avoid self-medication.

Who can diagnose balanitis?

Any doctor who is experienced in treating skin-related diseases and has a speciality degree in dermatology or similar qualification can treat balanitis.

Why is my balanitis not going away?

This occurs due to an unhygienic environment, but the reason for not going away can be explained by your doctor after knowing all the facts.

Can balanitis cure itself?

In some cases, it can be cured itself if our body’s immunity is strong enough to act against the germs. But if not then you must consult with a doctor to avoid the painful condition.

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