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Sun Hospital Trissur Contact Number

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Thrissur, Kerala


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Near Sakthan Thampuran, Sakthan Thampuran Nagar, Kannamkulangara, Thrissur, Kerala 680001

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In the hearts of both Indians and foreign tourists fortunate enough to experience its natural beauty and cultural diversity, Kerala, often referred to as “God’s own country,” holds a special place. Its lush green hills, flowing rivers, and the harmonious coexistence of people from various religions and beliefs add to its enchantment. The effectiveness of its healthcare system, which minimizes side effects and reduces the cost of diagnosis and treatment for emerging diseases like Cancer and AIDS, among others, is being explored by researchers.

Geographically, a central position within the state is occupied by Thrissur, known as the cultural capital of Kerala. It serves as the meeting point of southern and northern cultural influences, blending diverse traditions and practices seamlessly. Renowned as the birthplace of Kathakali, home to a Medical University, and the famous Kalamandalam, which has nurtured countless artists in the fields of dance, drama, and music, Thrissur is rich in cultural heritage. The grand “Pooram” festival, a yearly extravaganza of art, color, light, and sound, was designed by the illustrious ruler of the former Cochin state, His Highness Sakthan Thampuran and is also held in Thrissur.

A wealth of educational institutions, covering a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, veterinary science, agriculture, engineering, law, literature, drama, music, dance, art, management science, and more, are boasted by Thrissur. It is home to institutions like Government Medical College, Amala Jubilee Mission, a district hospital, and several clinics, diagnostic centers, and a Cancer Research Centre. However, a super-specialty hospital, capable of providing advanced critical care, especially in the fields of cardiology and trauma cases, was conspicuously absent in this region.

The inception of Sun Medical and Research Centre aimed to bridge this gap and offer high-quality, affordable medical care to critically ill or injured patients, thereby eliminating the need for them to travel to metropolitan cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, or even overseas for treatment.


In 1978, a hospital specializing in cardiac care was discussed by a group of philanthropists and businessmen. As a precursor, the Trichur Heart Foundation was formed, led by Dr. P.M. Varkey, FRCP, as its Chairman. Subsequently, the creation of the Sun Medical and Research Centre was supported by the foundation, becoming the first investor-owned, multi-disciplinary super-specialty high-tech corporate hospital, with Dr. Varkey serving as its Chairman and Chief Promoter. The vision was to establish an institution of international standards dedicated to providing excellence in treatment, nursing care, service, and cleanliness.

The company was established in 1985, and on February 7, 1986, the foundation stone was laid by His Holiness Pope John Paul. Envisioned to accommodate 500 beds and other essential facilities, construction commenced in 1988. Due to the project’s complexity and substantial financial requirements, it was executed in phases. Major financial institutions like ICICI, IDB, and IFCI, contributed 75% of the project’s estimated cost, with the people of Thrissur covering the remainder. On October 28, 1992, the first phase of the hospital was inaugurated by His Excellency Sankar Dayal Sharma, the former President of India, in a grand ceremony. The hospital’s management was entrusted to an eleven-member board of directors from diverse backgrounds, all efficient and well-versed in administration. At the end of phase 1, Sun Medical and Research Centre proudly emerged as the first investor-owned multi-super-specialty hospital in Kerala.

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