Spinal Injury Hospital Vasant Kunj Appointment Contact Number

If you or someone you know needs specialized care for spinal injuries, the appointment booking process at the Spinal Injury Hospital Vasant Kunj is your pathway to expert medical attention and comprehensive treatment. Located in the peaceful locality of Vasant Kunj, this hospital is renowned for providing personalized care to patients with spinal cord injuries. By following the simple appointment booking procedure, you can access cutting-edge facilities and highly qualified medical professionals. Whether your spinal injury resulted from an accident or a medical condition, scheduling an appointment at the Spinal Injury Hospital Vasant Kunj is the first step towards regaining mobility and improving your overall well-being.

Why Should Prefer Spinal Injury Hospital in Vasant Kunj?

The Spinal Injury Hospital, located in Vasant Kunj, is a cutting-edge facility committed to providing comprehensive care to patients with spinal cord injuries. Renowned for its highly qualified medical professionals, advanced technology, and patient-centric approach, this hospital is at the forefront of spinal injury treatment.

Specialized Care for Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries can result from various incidents, such as accidents, falls, or medical conditions. Given the complex nature of the spinal cord and its potential impact on mobility and quality of life, these injuries necessitate specialized care. At the Spinal Injury Hospital in Vasant Kunj, patients can access a range of specialized treatments, including surgical interventions, physical therapy, and personalized rehabilitation services.

How To Book Appointments at Spinal Injury Hospital Vasant Kunj?

Securing an appointment at the Spinal Injury Hospital in Vasant Kunj is a straightforward process. To ensure a seamless experience, follow these steps:

1. Online OPD Appointment:

Open Their official website of Spinal Injury Hospital in Vasant Kunj, and follow the process as instructed by the system to book appointment online and online doctor consultation.

Spinal Injury Hospital Vasant Kunj Appointment

2. Phone Appointment:

If you prefer personalized assistance, call the provided phone number during the hospital’s operational hours. Here are the numbers:

011 42255225 ext. 201 / 202
011 42255201 (Direct)
011 42255202 (Direct)

The hospital’s courteous staff will guide you in scheduling an appointment with the appropriate specialist.

3. Online Appointment Portal:

Online Appointment Booking

For added convenience, the Spinal Injury Hospital Vasant Kunj offers an online appointment booking system accessible through its official website. Using the portal, select your preferred date and time, and provide essential personal details. After submission, you will receive a confirmation of your appointment.

To expedite the process, have your medical records, insurance information (if applicable), and any relevant documents related to your spinal injury readily available during the appointment booking.

Personalized Patient Care:

At the Spinal Injury Hospital Vasant Kunj, patients remain at the core of all medical decisions. The hospital’s esteemed medical professionals take the time to understand each patient’s condition, medical history, and individual needs. This personalized approach ensures that the treatment plan is tailored to optimize recovery and enhance the patient’s overall well-being.


For individuals seeking specialized care for spinal injuries in Vasant Kunj, the Spinal Injury Hospital serves as the leading healthcare institution. With its committed team of experts, advanced facilities, and patient-centric focus, patients can expect comprehensive care and support throughout their journey to recovery. Booking an appointment at the Spinal Injury Hospital Vasant Kunj is simple and can be done through the hospital’s contact number or online appointment portal, ensuring timely access to expert care for those in need.


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