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Vadakara Co-Operative Hospital , Vadakara,Kozhikkode(Dt),Kerala No.2411-C, Vadakara Bazar, Vadakara - 673101

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About The Hospital

The inception of the Vatakara Cooperative Hospital can be traced back to its establishment and registration under the purview of the Kerala Cooperative Societies Act. This hospital holds the distinction of being the inaugural healthcare institution to emerge from the cooperative sector within the Vatakara taluk, and it currently boasts the top position in the Kozhikode district. Its journey commenced in the year 1987 when it operated from a leased edifice, housing a solitary physician and a limited workforce.

Within half a year’s time, the hospital witnessed a transformative shift as it relocated to another rented structure. This relocation marked the incorporation of two additional departments, namely General Medicine and Pediatrics, bolstered by the inclusion of essential facilities such as a pharmacy, laboratory, and ECG services, among others. The rapid evolution of the hospital into a multi-specialty healthcare institution can be attributed to the unwavering dedication, unyielding commitment, and the delivery of exemplary healthcare services to patients, the public, and society at large.

The foundation stone for this laudable initiative was laid by His Excellency Shri. Justice Sukh Dev Singh Kang, the esteemed Governor of Kerala, on a momentous Monday, the 26th of February 2001.

Vatakara Cooperative Hospital, abbreviated as VCH, stands as a renowned healthcare enterprise in Calicut, celebrated for its proficiency in multiple specialized fields. All medical units within this institution are meticulously furnished with state-of-the-art technological marvels, facilitating the delivery of comprehensive and cutting-edge patient care. VCH, hailed as the Center of Excellence, stands as a bastion of advanced diagnostic and treatment amenities across disciplines such as cardiology, oncology, nephrology, orthopedics, and neurosciences, among others.

Furthermore, in alignment with the rapidly advancing landscape of medical science, this hospital was established to harness the benefits of groundbreaking innovations that hold the potential to enhance the welfare of human society.

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