Online Doctor Consultation Kerala, Top 5 online Doctors

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Online Doctor Consultation Kerala Platforms

Online doctor consultation Kerala is now at the fingertip, and the day by day the demand for online doctor consultation is getting more popular among the people of Kerala.

Everybody prefers to consult a doctor online because there is no hassle to get connected with the doctor they prefer.

Online Doctor Consultation Kerala

Online doctor consultation in Kerala is easier than offline consultation. There are several popular online doctor consultation websites are available.


Top 5 Online Doctor Consultation Platforms In Kerala

  • Kimshealth Provides online doctor services in India, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.
  • Apollo 247 has online medical consultation across India, it covers almost every city.
  • Esaneevani- Arogya Keralam is an online doctor consultation program initiated by the Govt. of India for all Indians, and it is a free health consultation.
  • Aster Medicity is an online video health consultation program in Kerala.
  • mFine is also a reputed online doctor consultation platform. 


How To Consult Doctor Online At Kerala?

To consult a doctor online in Kerala is very simple. Just you need to select a platform available for online doctor consultation as examples are given above. You can choose any one of them or you can search on google to find a suitable platform.

Then, you need to get registered on their website or create a user id as a patient to book an appointment. Once the appointment is done, you need to wait for your turn.

In your turn, share your problems to consult with your doctor.

Once the consultation is over, you will be getting the doctor’s advice or prescription instantly through email or as per their process.

As mentioned, you will be scheduled for a laboratory appointment also if you need any kind of pathological test.

More About Online Doctor Consultation In Kerala

Most of them are having mobile applications for easy to use and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.

Patients who register on the app can book a seat for a medical consultation via computer or mobile phone.

The Kerala Police have launched a telemedicine mobile app that allows free video consultations with doctors across the state.

Online medical consultation with a doctor is sometimes free and sometimes paid, it depends on the online doctor/hospital application that the institution provides.

But in rare emergencies, the doctor may not be available for teleconsultation during a certain time interval chosen by the patient.

While doctors electronically issue a prescription after a consultation, the app also allows patients to receive electronic badges that give them permission to visit the hospital.

QKDOC Online medical booking application facilitates video consultations with medical specialists.

In addition to providing consultations to the far reaches of India, AIMS uses its telemedicine network to educate physicians in remote primary centres on the latest advances in medicine through seminars, workshops and training programs.

Doctors who communicate with you via video and/or chat know about your health problems and give you an online prescription that you can use to get your medicines.

“Doctor 24×7” focuses on providing teleconsultations to patients with physicians and makes diagnoses along with free follow-up within 3 days of consultation.

After selecting a doctor, you can click the “Consult Now” button to start an online consultation.

During the online consultation, your doctor will examine your eyes, nails, skin and physique.

This is also an online telephone consultation. , email and WhatsApp At KIMS we always maintain a high standard with qualified doctors and we guarantee that our doctors will represent you in your online consultation.

A group of doctors from the state of Kerala in south India, who work both domestically and abroad, offer free consultations in various disciplines.

The physician must be registered with the TCMC Medical Council and the patient must be within reach of a direct consultation.

Tata Health is another telemedicine app that offers services such as online consultations, appointments, lab testing, and drug delivery.

Advanced video calling and uploading of provided images will allow our doctors to know the history of consultations and previous checkups.

Amrita’s telemedicine service provides initially specialized diagnoses, second opinions, and recommends therapeutic and post-treatment counselling based on clinical findings, relevant x-ray and laboratory examinations, and videoconferencing counselling.

It is more convenient and safer for patients to consult with their doctors from the comfort of their homes during the ongoing pandemic.

At your first consultation, your doctor will advise you based on the reports and information you have shared or uploaded to our site.

We can now see and discuss with the doctor the day before during the follow-up and review of the report, which would otherwise not be possible during a telephone consultation.

Medications prescribed by your doctor will be shipped within 24 hours of your consultation.

After the online consultation, patients can immediately download the prescription. A remote doctor can tel consult a patient with a specialist with or without the presence of the patient.

You will be assisted by a doctor in your state (if/when available online). You can check the availability of doctors in real-time and make reservations 24/7 at a minimal cost.

The success of treatment depends on several factors, such as age, health status, compliance with medical recommendations, timely medication, and much more.

The Corp. of Physicians extended its expertise to patients at home before launching a telemedicine service.

When it became difficult for patients to come to our hospital due to the COVID lockdown,  launched a free WhatsApp consultation for their own patients.

Telemedicine consulting services are provided in many geographically dispersed locations across the country, ranging from the Lakshadweep Islands, the Leh Mountains, Sabarimala Sacred Shrine and many other remote locations seeking to bridge the health gap.

Medical records must be prepared at each online consultation in PDF format and must be emailed to TCMC after the current isolation period. Unless otherwise directed by a doctor, both forms of treatment can be safely continued.

Dr. S.V. Arun, the government coordinator for Physicians for Social Justice (DSJ), which offers free teleconsultations, said many doctors in the Gulf are also participating in the initiative.

Each state has specific physician availability times – see this page for details on physician availability and times for the state. R. V. Rajesh, State Care Hands Congress Coordinator, said about 100 physicians have already joined the project.

The rating is based on the feedback we receive from patients who have consulted with physicians.

From a patient perspective, they benefit from easier access to advanced medical services and expert advice, which saves time and travel costs.

A remote doctor can conduct a teleconsultation with an experienced surgeon to perform the operation.

Depending on the severity and requirements, your doctor will recommend the next steps. Consultants will try to understand your symptoms, conduct a virtual medical examination and prescribe the appropriate medication.

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