Online Doctor Consultation Free Is Now At Fingertips, Easier

Online Doctor Consultation Free In India

The Ministry of Health & family welfare has taken the initiative to serve online doctor consultation free in India for everyone.

The project or the mobile app is named as eSanjeevani OPD which is also called “Stay Home OPD” By which the citizens of India will be getting online medical consultation free of cost
.Online Doctor Consultation Free
Online medical consultation is nowadays getting more popular among Indian people as well as other countries also, but the Government of India is giving this Online Doctor Consultation without any fees.


How To Consult Online With A Doctor Free In India?

If you want to consult with a doctor free in India, then you can do it through eSanjeevaniOPD, and the process is made so simple that anyone can easily avail it as follows:

Online Doctor Consultation Free

  • Verify your mobile number with OTP.
  • For a consultation with a doctor, you need to generate a token once the registration process is completed.
  • After generating the token, you need to wait for getting a notification from the application.
  • Now you need to wait sometime while others are getting entertained by the doctors.
  • Once your turn comes, get consulted with your doctor to get diagnosed or advised
  • Once your illness gets diagnosed, you can download your prescription immediately.

As per the given data on the eSanjeevani platform Average waiting time is only 7 minutes approximately to get your turn for consultation.

And around 2-3 minutes will be needed to consult with the doctor.

Really it is an amazing facility given, you can be diagnosed only within 10 minutes with eSanjeevani online doctor consultation free in India and it will save a few valuable hours, no hassle, no transportation cost, and just staying at your comfort.


Why Online Medical Consultation Platforms are in Need?

Online medical consultation services are increasing around the globe quickly due to the new Covid-19 global pandemic.

Fearing that you may have a medical problem that requires immediate medical care and attention can sometimes cause stress.

Rather than going to the doctor and self-diagnosing your symptoms in order for you to get the correct treatment.

Visiting a physician online for some type of periodic online medical consultation can be a great way to see if you have an ailment that warrants medical attention.

In addition, your primary care doctor will be able to tell you if online consultations are right for you. Many doctors are now using these services as a way to get patients to return to their offices.

Many people want to avoid the high cost of travel and long drive times in order to visit the doctors in their area.
One of the reasons people turn to telemedicine is the fact that there is no face-to-face interaction between doctor and patient.

Doctors can see a picture of the patient on a computer screen but they can not give the same advice or follow up care that an actual human being would be able to do.

There is also no way to diagnose a medical condition from looking at a photo. This has caused a lot of frustration among patients and doctors alike.

Patients can simply check on the doctor’s website, fill out the online medical consultation form, and then email their data to another doctor who may have similar concerns. This allows patients the comfort of knowing their data is not shared without their permission.

The second benefit to online medical consultation is that the patient does not have to wait for their consultation date. The doctor is still obligated to meet with them at a time and date set by them. It is the doctor’s responsibility to ask a patient questions when they take their vital sign.

This part of the consultation is often the most stressful because it requires the doctor to ask a series of questions designed to gauge the health of the patient.


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