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Noble Hospital Hadapsar Contact Number

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153, Magarpatta City Road, Hadapsar, Pune-411013.

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Noble Hospitals & Research Centre stands as a 250-bedded, tertiary healthcare institution nestled in Hadapsar, Pune. In addition to a network of polyclinics, its genesis was propelled by the noble mission of delivering superlative integrated healthcare at a cost that doesn’t burden the pockets of the ailing. Presently, the establishment boasts an impressive inventory of 66 ICU beds, a cadre of over 130 medical practitioners, a tapestry of 30+ clinical disciplines, and a commendable cluster of 8 certified verdant operating theaters. The unfaltering commitment to round-the-clock emergency care, backed by cutting-edge radio-diagnostic marvels, underscores its devotion to patient welfare. Furthermore, it houses an assembly of 32 outpatient consultation sanctuaries. The horizon beckons a growth trajectory that will see bed capacity soaring to 1,000, all within the nurturing embrace of three nascent greenfield hospitals.

Today, marking the passage of 16 years since its inception, the clinical compass of Noble Hospitals & Research Centre envelops an expansive spectrum. It encompasses the domains of Cardiac Sciences, Neuro Sciences, the intricacies of Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery, the finesse of Orthopedics, the intricacies of Gastro Sciences and HPB Surgery, the artistry of Minimal Access Surgery, the depths of Renal Sciences, the contours of Oncology, the mysteries of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the nuances of Pediatrics and Neonatology, the urgencies of Emergency and Trauma Care, and the subtleties of Interventional Radiology.

Upholding the credo, “Life is precious, we care for it,” the institution endeavors to orchestrate a paradigm shift in the patient odyssey. It endeavors to fuse medical excellence with sagacious empathy. The collective acumen of an ensemble cast comprising surgeons, physicians, nursing luminaries, technical virtuosos, paramedical artisans, and the diligent custodians of administration and maintenance—helmed by the visionary Dr. Dileep Mane, a luminary both as Managing Director and Clinician—culminates in the bequest of personalized care that each patient merits.

The offerings at Noble Hospitals & Research Centre are steeped in technological marvels. Pioneering advancements like the 3 Tesla MRI scanner, a first-of-its-kind marvel in Pune, serve as exemplars of its technological ascendancy. The institution fervently aspires to etch a watermark in healthcare conventions, striving tirelessly to surpass unparalleled echelons of distinction. This it achieves through a triad of innovation, technological prowess, and a humaneness that underscores every facet of patient caregiving. In its unwavering commitment to serving advanced diagnostic solutions, it upholds the tenets of absolute transparency in the domain of treatment.

The pillars of Noble’s enduring legacy are deeply embedded in the hallowed grounds of clinical preeminence, economic viability, technological futurism, and a bedrock founded on evidence-based tenets. Beyond the realm of commerce, it espouses a mantle of leadership that transcends the corporate facade. It shoulders the mantle of nurturing the health of the nation with unwavering commitment. In furtherance of its mission, it unfailingly undertakes an array of Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors, making meaningful contributions to society’s well-being.

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