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A Heart Specialist Doctor In Silchar is a medical specialist who specializes in cardiovascular ailments. Symptoms of a heart attack may include chest pains, nausea, and even pain in one or both hands. Upon examination by a cardiologist, an electrocardiogram may be performed to rule out a heart attack. Surgical procedures and electrophysiology studies may also be performed. After a thorough medical assessment, a physician may prescribe certain medications or perform other procedures to help the patient recover.
Cardiologists diagnose and treat heart diseases.

Dr P. C. Sarma, Cardiologist Silchar

Dr P C Sarma is a cardiologist from Silchar, Assam. He has been practising medicine since the 1980s. He is a senior consultant at Silchar Medical College Hospital. He was awarded the best doctor award in Assam in 2010.

He is known for his pioneering work in the field of cardiac care not only in Silchar but across India. He has published many articles in reputed journals like the Indian Heart Journal, American Journal of Cardiology etc. He has conducted research studies on various aspects of cardiovascular diseases. He has also written books on heart disease.

Dr Sarma has received numerous awards including the prestigious Padma Shri Award in 2009. He is also a recipient of the prestigious National Bioscience Award for Career Development (NBA) for the year 2005.

Dr Ahmed Hussian, Cardiologist Silchar

Dr Ahmed Hussian is a cardiologist at Silchar Medical College Hospital. He has been practising medicine as well as Cardio since 1995. He completed his MBBS from Calcutta University in 1994 and MD (General Medicine) from Calcutta University Medical College in 1998. He did his residency in Internal Medicine at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. He was awarded the Best Resident Award in 2001. He has worked at various hospitals including Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Malar Hospital, and Silchar Medical College Hospital, and currently works at Silchar Medical College hospital where he is a consultant cardiologist.

Dr Manabendra Deb, Cardiologist

Dr Manabendra Deb is a cardiologist who has been practising medicine for over 25 years. He specializes in treating heart patients and is a well-known expert in his field. His expertise lies in the treatment of coronary artery disease and other cardiovascular diseases.

Dr Manab Nath, Cardiologist

Dr Manab Nath is a cardiologist at Silchar Medical College Hospital. He has been practising medicine since 2002. He graduated from Calcutta University in 2001. He completed his post-graduation in Internal Medicine from Calcutta University. He did his residency in internal medicine at Silchar Medical College hospital. He is currently working as a consultant cardiologist at Silchar medical college hospital.

Dr Manab’s Experience
He started his career as a resident doctor at Silchar Medical College in 2002. In 2003 he joined Silchar Medical College Hospital as a senior resident. After completing his residency in 2005, he worked at Silchar Medical College as a faculty member till 2008. Since then he has been working as a consultant cardiology at Silchar Medical College.

His Achievements
He was awarded Best Resident Doctor Award in 2006. He has published many research papers and presented them at national conferences. He has won several awards including the best paper award, best poster award, best oral presentation award etc. He has also received several awards like the best teacher award, best mentor award, best student award etc.

Dr Dipankar Das, Cardiologist

Dr Dipankar Das is a cardiologist from Silchar, Assam, India. He has been practising medicine since 1997. He is currently working at the Silchar Medical College Hospital. His area of interest includes cardiovascular diseases, heart surgeries, and cardiac rehabilitation.
Dr Dipanker Das is a member of the American Heart Association (AHA), Indian Heart Society (IHS), Cardiac Rehabilitation Council of North East India (CRCNEI) and the Indian Society of Echocardiography (ISE).

Dr Dipankhar Das was awarded the prestigious “Best Doctor Award” by the Silchar Press Club in 2014.
Dr Dipankkar Das has authored several research papers in international journals. He published his first book titled “Cardiology in Practice” in 2017.

Do You Want To Know More About Cardiologists?

A career as a cardiologist is rewarding and exciting. The field of medicine is constantly changing and requires cardiologists to continually improve their knowledge. Depending on the speciality, cardiologists must undergo a number of rigorous requirements, including passing USMLE exams and completing a criminal background check. The rewards of this profession can be both financial and personal. Most cardiologists report a high degree of job satisfaction. To become a cardiologist, a candidate must complete four to six years of schooling and complete clinical rotations.

Heart Specialist Doctor

Treatment options for cardiovascular diseases depend on the severity and cause of symptoms. Nonsurgical methods may be enough to improve health and reduce symptoms. Sometimes, however, a patient needs a surgical procedure to treat the condition. After a patient has undergone surgery, the cardiologist may recommend follow-up appointments with the cardiologist to monitor the effectiveness of the procedure and monitor the patient’s progress. Patients often return to see a cardiologist after heart surgery to check on their recovery.

A cardiologist will use several diagnostic tools to make a diagnosis. During this time, he or she will review a patient’s history, ask about any symptoms, and perform various tests. The results from these tests will help the doctor determine the exact type of heart disease that may be afflicting them. The diagnosis will then depend on the severity of the symptoms and the family history of heart disease.

Although office visits with a cardiologist are often covered by commercial insurance plans, many people do not realize that certain tests may not be covered. Additionally, some insurance plans require a referral from their primary care provider in order to access their services. It is vital to discuss any concerns with your cardiologist before scheduling an appointment. It is also crucial to ask your provider about the cost of the tests. Having a thorough medical history can make the difference between a successful treatment and a costly hospital stay.

Heart Specialist Doctors in Silchar prescribe medicines for cardiovascular ailments. Cardiologists are specialists in diagnosing and treating various heart-related conditions, including coronary artery disease, heart rhythm disorders, and other problems. Some common symptoms include chest pains, nausea, and pain in the left or right hand. The cardiologist will perform medical tests, including an electrocardiogram, to rule out a heart attack or another heart-related issue.

In Silchar, a heart specialist was long-awaited after a man who suffered a cardiac arrest passed away. The Silchar Medical College and Hospital, which lacks cardiology specialists and other specialists, recently welcomed Dr Rakesh P Gopal, an internationally-renowned cardiologist. He will serve as a visiting cardiologist at the hospital and is associated with Apollo Hospital in Chennai. Members of the local medical community welcomed him to Silchar, including the Thousand Sayantans, a community group in Silchar.

What Is electrophysiology studies?

Electrophysiology studies are a vital part of the diagnosis of a number of heart problems. The electrophysiology study measures the electrical activity of the heart, looking for abnormalities in the rhythm. The heartbeats as a result of natural electrical impulses coordinating the contraction of the various parts of the heart. The abnormalities in the heartbeat are the reason behind the symptoms of a heart rhythm disorder, including breathlessness and bloating of the stomach.

The results of an EPS will help a Heart Specialist Doctor In Silchar to diagnose any abnormal heartbeat and prescribe a treatment. This study is also used to monitor the heart’s performance in patients with high blood pressure or chronic venous insufficiency. The study can reveal whether the heart is working properly or needs to be repaired. Electrophysiology studies can also help to identify if the heart has a condition known as cardiomyopathy.

An electrophysiology study identifies abnormal heart rhythms and a number of different treatments. The process begins with a blood test to look for abnormal blood components and other serious medical problems. Then, an x-ray will check the heart for unusual anatomic problems. The doctor will also perform a baseline electrocardiogram, which will help diagnose an abnormal heart rhythm. The patient will be connected to monitors before the procedure begins, allowing medical staff to monitor their condition. The patient will be draped in sterile gowns to prevent any contamination.

Depending on the condition of the patient, an electrophysiology study can be an outpatient test or part of a hospital stay. Preparation varies from one healthcare provider to another, but it usually includes removing jewellery and clothing and putting on a hospital gown. During this process, patients are asked to stay in bed for several hours. A nurse will monitor their vital signs, circulation, and sensation in the affected leg.
They recommend lifestyle changes

Cardiologists perform various medical procedures and prescribe medications to treat different types of heart disorders. Cardiomyopathy is a condition in which the heart muscle becomes weak and is unable to pump blood effectively. Common symptoms include breathlessness, swollen legs, and bloating of the stomach. More severe cases require surgery or implanted devices, and sometimes a heart transplant. A cardiologist in Silchar will recommend lifestyle changes that help improve the overall health of your heart.


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