Gangaram Hospital: Address, Contact Number For Appointment

Discover the excellence of Gangaram Hospital in providing top-notch medical services. Learn about their expertise, services, and patient care in this comprehensive article.


In the realm of healthcare, finding a trustworthy and reliable medical institution is of paramount importance. When it comes to quality healthcare services in India, one name stands out: Gangaram Hospital. With a rich history, a dedicated team of professionals, and a commitment to patient-centric care, Gangaram Hospital has earned its place as a leading healthcare provider. In this article, we will explore the various facets of Gangaram Hospital, from its history to the array of services it offers, demonstrating why it is the go-to choice for medical care.

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Address

Gangaram Hospital Address

Hospital Address:
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Marg,
Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi,
Delhi – 110060.

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Contact Number For Appointment

The contact numbers of Sir Ganga ram hospital are as follows:

+91 11-351 256 00

+91 11-422 540 00

History of Gangaram Hospital

Gangaram Hospital‘s journey began in 1951, when it was founded by philanthropists who aimed to provide the best medical care to the people of Delhi. Over the decades, it has grown into a world-class healthcare institution, known for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Since its inception, Gangaram Hospital has stayed true to its mission of delivering healthcare services of the highest quality. This commitment has led to numerous accolades and recognition from both national and international medical bodies.

One of the hallmarks of Gangaram Hospital is its cutting-edge infrastructure. The hospital boasts modern facilities equipped with the latest medical technology, ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

Gangaram Hospital takes pride in its multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. Specialists from various fields collaborate to provide comprehensive care to patients. This approach ensures that every patient receives a personalized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs.



Q: What are the hospital’s visiting hours?

A: Gangaram Hospital is open 24/7, ensuring that patients can receive care whenever they need it.

Q: Does Gangaram Hospital accept insurance?

A: Yes, the hospital accepts various insurance plans to ease the financial burden on patients.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: You can easily book an appointment online through the hospital’s website or by calling their dedicated appointment line.

Q: Are there on-site pharmacies?

A: Yes, Gangaram Hospital has well-stocked pharmacies within the premises for your convenience.

Q: Do they offer telemedicine services?

A: Yes, the hospital provides telemedicine services, allowing you to consult with specialists from the comfort of your home.

Q: What is the hospital’s success rate in complex surgeries?

A: Gangaram Hospital has an impressive success rate in complex surgeries, thanks to its experienced surgical teams and state-of-the-art facilities.


Gangaram Hospital’s legacy of excellence, commitment to patient-centric care, and cutting-edge services make it a shining beacon in the healthcare landscape. With a history rooted in philanthropy and a vision for the future, Gangaram Hospital continues to provide top-tier healthcare to the community it serves. When it comes to your health, choose Gangaram Hospital—the trusted name in healthcare.


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