Best Gastroenterologist In Varanasi Dr Santosh Kumar Yadav

Doctor's Name

Dr Santosh Kumar Yadav

Clinic Address

SA 17/35 Basudev Nager Colony, Ashapur Rd, Paharia, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221007.


Alternative Clinic

Jamea Hospital J-4/89 Hazi Abdul Aziz Road Pilikothi, near petrol pump, jati pura, ward, Varanasi Varanasi.

Contact Number

Not Available

About Doctor

Dr. Santosh Kumar Yadav, an erudite luminary holding the accolades of MBBS and MD, stands as a distinguished Gastroenterologist domiciled in Varanasi. His clinical bastion is none other than the illustrious Jamea Hospital, ensconced at J-4/89 Hazi Abdul Aziz Road in the precincts of Pilikothi, proximate to a venerable petrol emporium.

In the hallowed corridors of Varanasi, Dr. Santosh Kumar Yadav wields his expertise with a virtuosity that transcends the mundane, addressing an array of gastroenterological maladies, both formidable and trivial.

Some of his superlative interventions encompass the holistic spectrum of gastroenterology maladies, encompassing afflictions of the abdominal domain, the resolute combat against acute pancreatitis, remediation of adipose liver afflictions, judicious hemorrhoid banding procedures, and the nuanced management of vexing indigestion quandaries.

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