Apollo Hospital Contact Number in Guwahati for Comprehensive Healthcare Support

Exploring the realm of premier healthcare services, Apollo Hospital in Guwahati emerges as a beacon of excellence. This comprehensive guide endeavors to provide an in-depth understanding of all facets related to Apollo Hospital’s contact number in Guwahati, ensuring swift and effective healthcare support at your fingertips.

Choosing Apollo Hospital, Guwahati: A Prudent Decision

Renowned for its unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled medical care, Apollo Hospital enjoys a prominent stature in the healthcare domain. The Guwahati branch stands as a testament to this commitment, promising advanced treatments, state-of-the-art facilities, and a patient-centric approach.

Apollo Hospital Guwahati
Source: Apollo Hospital Guwahati

Contacting Apollo Hospital in Guwahati

For individuals seeking medical consultations, treatments, or general healthcare information, establishing contact with Apollo Hospital in Guwahati is both convenient and efficient. The dedicated contact number ensures seamless connectivity with the hospital’s representatives.

  • Appointment Scheduling: To secure appointments with highly skilled medical practitioners and specialists, utilizing the Apollo Hospital Guwahati contact number is pivotal. This avenue grants you the liberty to plan your visit according to your schedule while receiving the necessary medical attention without undue delays.
  • Inquiries about Services: For those inquisitive about the array of medical services offered, the contact number serves as a valuable resource. Through this medium, you can acquire comprehensive information about the hospital’s diverse offerings.
  • Urgent Medical Aid: Medical emergencies demand immediate attention. By having the Apollo Hospital Guwahati contact number on hand, you ensure rapid access to the hospital’s emergency services, facilitating prompt and effective assistance.

Benefits of Direct Interaction

Initiating direct communication with Apollo Hospital via the provided contact number confers a plethora of advantages:

Tailored Guidance

Trained professionals manning the phone lines possess the expertise to provide personalized guidance. Whether you seek advice regarding the most suitable department for your medical concern or possess inquiries related to insurance coverage, their adeptness guarantees accurate and pertinent information.

Efficient Appointment Setting

Bid adieu to protracted waits for appointments. With the contact number at your disposal, scheduling appointments with your preferred healthcare providers becomes a streamlined process. This minimizes waiting periods and empowers you to seamlessly organize your visit.

Timely Updates

Medical advancements and the scope of services available at the hospital might undergo transformations. By directly engaging with Apollo Hospital, you ensure staying informed about the latest treatments, cutting-edge technologies, and comprehensive healthcare packages on offer.

How to Contact Apollo Hospital, Guwahati

In conjunction with the contact number, familiarizing yourself with the hospital’s address and alternative means of communication remains equally imperative:

Physical Address: Apollo Hospitals, Guwahati Unit: International Hospitals Lotus Tower, Christian Basti, G.S.Road Guwahati – 781 005.

Email Correspondence: Apollo Hospitals, Guwahati Unit: International Hospitals Lotus Tower, Christian Basti, G.S.Road Guwahati – 781 005.

Online Presence: https://www.apollohospitals.com/locations/india/guwahati/

Contact Number: +91 -361-/ 7135005/2347700/2347715


In the realm of healthcare, facile access to information and swift communication play pivotal roles. The Apollo Hospital Guwahati contact number emerges as a cornerstone in ensuring you receive the requisite healthcare support promptly and efficiently. Be it scheduling appointments, seeking insights into services, or summoning emergency aid, this contact number serves as your direct conduit to comprehensive healthcare assistance.

Therefore, maintain ready access to the Apollo Hospital Guwahati contact number – a gateway to superlative medical care that prioritizes your well-being.


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